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Cristina Grosan is 29 year old Romanian-Hungarian visual artist splitting her time between writing/directing her own fiction films and passionately designing for different clients around Europe, with a focus on branding and working for print. 

Currently, Cristina is in post-production with her new fiction short “Work in Progress”, while her previous film “Night Painting” is still out on the festival circuit, with upcoming screenings in Bangladesh, the USA and Hungary (Francophone Film Festival).


Commercially, Cristina is working on visual identities for several cultural festivals in Hungary and abroad (Margo Literature Festival, Dunapest, TaiwandDox, Ziva Ulice Pilsen), as well as for print (RomaKep catalogue and Hungarian Literature Catalogue for 2015 & 2016). She’s also back to conceptual photography working on a book to be released mid April 2017.