These pictures were taken by me while were shooting Things Worth Weeping For (A legjobb dolgokon bőgni kell). It’s my debut feature film, which of course, came with a lot of excitement but also stress. In an attempt to calm down all that anxiety, besides directing, I started taking pictures of the cast and crew while on set. Almost a month and a half later, we were friends, and through photographing them, I learned to look at the differently, and perhaps, even bring them bit closer.

selfie in the mirror with actors Márton Patkos and Júlia Huzella

2nd AD Anna Fignár

 Krisztina Oláh, on set costumer

Zoltán Gelsi, set designer

lunchbreak: Virág Baranyi production coordinator, Ági Bobor costume designer, Kriszta Oláh set costumer

cinematograher Márk Győri
boom operator István Sándor & on location sound recordist Bálint Zándoki
writer & lead actress Nóra Rainer-Micsinyei
in the make-up room: actress Júlia Huzella
on set: Nóra and myself
camera crew and lead actress: Ádi,  Nóra, Tomi, Bujdi

runner: Benyu
production manager Vodál Vera at 6 AM on set
between takes, script supervizor Dóra Szili

on set hide and seek: Ági Bobor
Nóra, between takes
Márk and his filters
our producer, Judit Stalter and good old Lackó