 “Filmmaking as a conversation”, interview in English by Ioana Birdu:

Cristina Grosan is a Hungarian-Romanian filmmaker and visual artist, an MA graduate of Moholy-Nagy University of Art, in Hungary and a BA grad of the Film and Theatre Faculty at Babes-Bolyai University, in Romania.

She is active in design and visual communication in the Budapest cultural sector (cultural festival branding & book design & identity) while also directing her own fiction films. Her award-winning short

“Holiday at the Seaside”

exploring a mother-daughter relationship screened at more than 40 festivals, was distributed in several territories and recently premiered online, amassing close to 1 million views.

Cristina is keen on connecting to the places she’s lived in, working in both her homecountries, Hungary and Romania. Currently, she is in post-production with her debut feature shot in Hungary, “Things Worth Weeping For” written with Nora Rainer-Micsinyei and produced by Judit Stalter (Laokoon Filmgroup, HU). She’s also finishing post-production on a short fiction, “A Prince Came Passing By”, produced by Anamaria Antoci & Anda Ionescu (Tangaj Productions, RO) in co-production with Marek Novák (Xova Film CZ). She is developing her second feature, “Ordinary Failures” together with Czech writer Klára Vlasákova. The film’s development is supported by a grant from the Czech Film Fund.

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